Alternatives for Satoshi Tomizu's space glass on Etsy

Good news for us: Satoshi Tomizu is not the only talented artist working with glass. On Etsy you can find lots of alternatives for his masterpieces. I see a couple of advantages in searching for alternatives, which I would like to share with you:

  • Less known glass artists shops are not so overcrowded, you can choose without stress (and lottery) or change your mind without “punishment” from Satoshi for cancelling you application after winning.
  • You can ask the artists questions you are interested in and receive answers. It is useless to ask Satoshi something (believe me, I tried): he becomes more messages as he can read and obviously does not delegate the answering.  
  • You can have the pieces of your choice sooner and saver, if the artist lives in your country.
  • Maybe you can imagine to take some lessons from the nearest artist of your sympathy to be able to create masterpieces yourself later.

Do not waste the opportunities by fixing on the certain product. I can tell you from my own experience: I did not manage to get something from Satoshi and was very disappointed. Now I am happy with my collection of space glass pendants from other artists. The pieces were less expensive and I like them even more than Satoshi's.

Here you can see an example: Satoshi's piece (left) and one of my favorite pendants (right). I am as happy with mine as I would be with the one from Satoshi Tomizu.

Just imagine you would have “discovered” Satoshi Tomizu a couple of years ago. You would have been able to buy his creations stress free and less expensive. Why not to discover other artist now?

Regular posts about alternative creations

I would like to help interested people to find the alternatives and discover talented artists.  For this purpose I plan to post the screenshots of products and links to shops of other glass artists on regularly basis. I provide only personally gathered information and use affiliate links. If you like my choice and thoroughly collected information and would like to support our project “Glass Universe”, please use our links, if you decide to buy some of the pendants suggested here. It would not cost you anything and help us to develop our site. Thank you very much in advance.

The first “portion” of Etsy findings will be available in the next days.

You can find our regular Etsy-posts with the label "ETSY FINDINGS" (see section LABELS on the right side).

Copyright of pictures in this article

The picture of Satoshi Tomizu's pendant used in this article is property of Plus Alpha. After some research we came to the conclusion, that Satoshi Tomizu and Plus Alpha have no objections against the usage of the pictures through blogger, because it helps to extent Satoshi Tomizu's fame.
The picture on the right side was taken by me.

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