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Hello, dear reader!
On this page I would like to tell you a couple of facts about us.

Names and all

My name is Tatiana. In social media I use the pseudonym Tanja Kim. Tanja is the short form of my full name, I grew up being called so, and Kim contains a couple of letters from my real surname.
My husband´s name is Manfred. He is the dearest and most loved person in my life, and he supports me in everything I do.
Manfred and me live and work in Germany.

From unaffordable designer pieces to individual orders from artisans

My favorite occupation was always to discover the wonders of human creativity. As long as I remember, I have always been looking for remarkable, individual, unforgettable creations and pieces of art. Some time ago I started to consider jewelry, handbags and accessories as pieces of art. At first, my full attention was focused on sophisticated handmade creations from well-known exclusive designers like Marchesa.

Not being able to afford such extremely expensive pieces with prices containing huge amounts of marketing costs for the brand, I started to look for alternatives. I realized that I put absolutely no value on brand names and labels. What I wanted was only great work of artists in a piece, which tells a story, creates “my” atmosphere, perfectly meets my taste and is unique or at least limited, so that I would not meet a woman wearing the same the next time I go out.

So this year (2016) I started to search for great artists. The result of it was my private collection, what I call Cherrypick Collection. It contains

  • creations, which I bought already completed,
  • the pieces I ordered according to my personal sketch or design specifications,
  • my own creations, as I found the world of artists very inspiring and started to make jewelry and accessories myself.

As I realized, that I collect the fascinating pieces and wear only few of them myself, I got the idea to share my collection online with other people.

In course of my search for artists I also found Satoshi Tomizu and his unique space glass masterpieces. I did not manage to get one of his pieces, but discovered some other very talented “magicians of glass”, with some of them we cooperate now (see Our shop).

Other projects

Our main another project is Cherrypick Collection. This project is non-commercial.
I have divided the areas of my interest in following categories.

Miniature one-of-a-kind paintings on natural stones

I love natural gemstones because of the strong positive energy people always believed they have. I consider them as talismans and love to look closely at the unique patterns in the stones. Paintings on the natural gemstones turn them into pieces of art. These incredibly fine lines and motives which emphasize the stone pattern are absolutely fascinating for me. I think the painting makes the pieces very personal, because everyone chooses the motive with personal resonation.
There is no other material thing I love more than painted gemstones. I hope sometimes I would possess a huge collection and turn my passion into profession by opening of a small gallery for this kind of art.

I wear myself only one painted stone pendant. Here are some other examples of one-of-a-kind gemstone pendants.

Creations with soutache, beads, pearls, gemstones, shibori silk and Swarovski

Here are a couple of my favorites from this category. What I like on soutache is its unlimited potential for creativity. You can take just one color and a couple of gemstones, beads, pearls and crystals and create endless designs with it.
In our country (Germany) soutache creations are very little known, that´s why they can be a fantastic eye catcher here!

My favorites with Swarovski crystals are creations with “kaputt” crystals from autumn-winter Collection 2016/2017. This is an example of a pendant with such crystals.

The brooch on the next picture is a kind of pieces I absolutely love. It is made from vintage beads, Swarovski pears and crystals. Rare materials and combinations, 40 hours of handwork of an experienced artist and absolutely unique design idea are very valuable for me.

One of a kind bags

Bags are my great passion, I started to collect it years ago. I like unusual, completely handcrafted bags in perfect quality.

And of course I possess an Anuschka bag. What can be better as a hand painted and fairly produced bag in great quality?

Accessories from hand painted silk

I think he scarfs and shawls can also be pieces of art. I have already found my favourite artist who makes fascinating hand painted silk scarfs.

Wire wrap

To paint with the wire! Wire wrap was another technique I was absolutely fascinated with. How is it possible to create such a completed impression as a necklace having only pieces of wire and agate stones on the beginning?

Dip flower

As I saw the liquid resin flowers created by Japanese artist Sakae (her flickr) for the first time, I thought I would do everything to hold such a piece of art in my hands. As it usually goes, it was impossible to buy something from Sakae, so I started my search. The results are these three creations I have now in my collection. Exactly as fine and perfect as those from Sakae.

What we dream to achieve

  • We hope some time to open a small gallery for handcrafted creations and pieces of art.
  • We want to establish an online shop of materials for handcrafted creations like beads, shibori silk, pearls and Swarovski crystals.
  • We want to be an inspiration for everyone who would like to know more about craft arts and techniques.
You feedback is very important for us!

Tell us, which techniques and what kind of creations are most interesting for you, and maybe we will be able to establish an online store and cooperation with more artists.
Thank you very much for reading! We hope you found some inspiration on our pages.

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